Kate, Thank you for being my pillar of strength through the most difficult time in my life.  I want to thank you so much for what you have taught me about leaving an abusive/toxic relationship.  Those first months were pure hell and I thought I was going to die.  I cried everyday for months.  I wondered how I would ever get to a space of feeling better.  You encouraged me to be gentle with myself, allow myself to feel my feelings, figure out where they were coming from and show up for myself.  It took some practice however showing up for myself has become part of who I am.  I use your words of wisdom everyday for myself and to help others that are dear to my heart and struggling in their lives. 

I know I did most of the work, however if I didn’t have you by my side letting me know that every step forward, backward and sideways was still progress I would have given up on myself and would be stuck in a very dark place.

Kate, one of the many things that sticks with me is you really care.  I feel your love and empathy for what I am going through in so many ways.  Through your tone of voice, your texts, your words of encouragement, you being proud of me, you accepting me for my steps backwards to allow myself to learn and grow, all while supporting me like I have never been supported every before.

As I write this tears are streaming down my face…you truly love helping others and I have felt it in so many ways.

Thank you for getting me to a better place in my life. 

I couldn’t have done it without you!!!!!

I am finally on the other side of wanting to die to knowing everything in life is temporary.  Learn and grow from your heartache, make it a opportunity to like yourself a little more than before.

Kelli H.

St George, Utah

Look no further.  Kate is a natural coach who will walk you through whatever you are going through with compassion, experience, and skill.   Kate gave me the tools I needed to release long standing resentments I had carried for over 20 years and allowed me to release a long lost ex-husband and begin to welcome him and his family into my heart in a whole new way.  This created more love and connection with my son, his wife and grandchildren and allowed holidays to be more inclusive and enjoyable for everyone.  I guarantee that if you dive in to the waters with Kate, you will emerge as a lighter, more authentic you, and your relationships will mirror your increased capacity for love. 

Genevieve L

Eugene, Oregon

Kate was instrumental in helping me to identify limiting beliefs and behavioral patterns that have been preventing me from experiencing love in my life.  She is an incredibly supportive, compassionate, and insightful coach.  Kate actively listened to my stories while challenging me to questions habits of thinking that no longer serve me.  She guided me through the empowering process of setting clear intentions to create the future I envision for myself.  She is amazing!

Brenna F.

Ithaca, NY

Kate is an amazing coach.  She immediately creates a sacred and compassionate space where you can share your deepest feelings safely.  I never felt judged by her, instead I felt totally heard.  She helped me find my own inner truth in the most empowering way. Working with Kate is transformative!

Lindsey W.

San Francisco, CA